save a child
rebuild Haiti
Since the quake, the total number of orphans in Haiti has risen to just under 1 million. The number of unemployed adults has risen to nearly 80%. These are staggering numbers that require major, concerted efforts to alleviate.
fisho - Fundraising Initiatives to Support Haitian Orphans addresses these concerns by providing a means to raise money for orphanages and create purposeful work for Haitian artisans.
1.  a way to save a child

Our beliefs produce action. There are nearly a million orphaned and abandoned kids in Haiti who must cope with
loneliness and
Literally, we can save a child’s life by supporting an orphanage. Our project raises money for these orphans through the sale of a necklace that’s handmade by independent artisans in Haiti. Absolutely all profits go to direct to organizations that support orphans.
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2.  a way to rebuild Haiti

80% OF THE HAITIAN WORKFORCE IS UNEMPLOYED or under-employed. There’s no welfare system, no unemployment insurance. Skilled men and women stand in line for daily rations of food and water. They need to get their lives back. They need opportunities for viable work, not just handouts.
So far, corporate support has concentrated upon mass production. It meets immediate needs, but it doesn’t build a country. We work with scores of independent Haitian Artisans to develop better business systems that renew their handicraft sector.

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3.  buy… sell... wear...

how a necklace saves a child and rebuilds Haiti
1. raises money for Haitian orphans
2. creates jobs for Haitian artisans
3. builds awareness of the orphan crisis
4. symbolizes your commitment and
5. keeps the story alive!